Praying for Boston

Today during lunch I found out about the first bomb that went off in Boston. At first when I heard the news, I brushed it aside and didn’t believe it. I went on with the rest of the day, going to my last two classes, stressing over some outline that I had due the next day. Throughout the rest of the day, I heard others mutter to one another that another bomb had gone off, but in that moment I did not understand and again just brushed it aside. The news was just not soaking into my brain and I just went on with the day like any other Monday.

It was only until I got home did I finally understand that a bomb that went off at the Boston marathon and at the library.

After finding out about this tragedy I was stone frozen for five minutes, the whole concept was slowing processing in my brain. As soon as I got over the shock I found myself in tears. I felt furious with those (or the person) who left the bombs behind and wondered how could one do such a thing? How could they kill and injure the innocent? What was their purpose? Were they setting off bombs just for the hell of it?! My heart dropped when I looked at the photos of the scene and the victims. And all I could think was: “Why?”

I’m still in shock and anger about what happened today and my heart and prayers go out to the victims of this attack. I pray for those who are injured and I wish for their recovery. I pray for the souls that we lost today. I pray for the city of Boston as they handle this tragedy. I pray that whoever set up those bombs will be found. And  I pray for the families that have lost a loved one.

Boston you are in my prayers…